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PreciS-C Cholesterol Test Device

The SG Diagnostics PreciS-C Cholesterol Test Device helps healthcare professionals and cholesterol patients to monitor cholesterol level using simple and cost-effective solution.

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease due to either pancreatic cells not producing sufficient insulin or the body not reacting to insulin for glucose management. Failure to manage diabetes can result in disease complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy, ischaemic heart disease, foot ulcers and stroke. This can lead to reduced quality of life, increased financial burden and reduced life expectancy.

Management of diabetic patients includes monitoring of blood glucose and glycated A1c (or HbA1c) and introducing required interventions to prevent unnecessary hyper or hypoglycemia episodes. The HbA1c test involves measurement of HbA1c in blood samples and where the results indicate the level of blood glucose level in the past 2 to 3 months.

SG Diagnostics HbA1c Analysis System utilizes a Boronate Affinity Chromatography method to quantitatively measure the level of HbA1c in whole blood. A solid phase separation matrix is implemented as a membrane that has been chemically modified to contain both negatively charged groups and boronate groups. When the pH of the buffer flowing through the matrix is acidic, positively charged HbA1c and non-glycohemoglobin bind to the negatively charged groups. When the pH is basic, the hemoglobin loses its charge and is released from the ionic binding. At basic pH, boronate binds not only cis-diols but also the glucose of glycohemoglobin in the matrix. The analyzer uses an optical reflectance measurement technique to quantify the hemoglobin bound in the matrix under each condition. The ratio of the glycohemoglobin to the total hemoglobin is calculated and reported as % HbA1c units.

Excellent Design

  •       Stylish handheld size
  •       3 easy steps with voice prompt to facilitate the whole process

Reliable Results

  •       NGSP & IFCC certification
  •       Boronate Affinity Chromatography Technology, no interference from HbF, HbE and other variable and unstable Hb

Key benefits of SG Diagnostics HbA1c Analysis System

  1. Portable and easy to handle – palm-sized and lightweight analyzer
  2. Sample is easy to obtain from patient – uses capillary blood samples (~3 μL).
  3. Rapid results (within 6 minutes) enable users to facilitate immediate intervention where required
  4. Test strips have a long shelf life and are kept at room temperature
  5. Voice prompt to remind users of required steps

Test Kit Specifications Materials Provided

For more information, you can download the file below

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